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The Christian Bookstore of the Canadian Bible Society, offering Scripture publications for adults, youth and children in various translations and over 70 languages.

We help the world hear God speak.

Bibles in your heart language

Bibles in your heart language

Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and more...


Resources and supplies for church ministry and community engagement.

The Bible Course

An eight-session course that will help you grow in your understanding of the Bible.

For in-person groups or digital gatherings: it can be used anywhere – homes, workplaces, churches, or online meetings.

New to the Bible

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Would you like to start a new Bible journey?
Bible Helps

Bible Helps

Browse resources to assist you in your Christian life and ministry.
How to Choose a Bible

How to Choose a Bible

Learn how to distinguish between different translations of the Bible.

Fear Not Comic Books

A comic book series that touches on themes of fear, anxiety, and how believing in God helps us in our challenges.

Through epic adventures, Samuel must overcome his fears, battle his old ways, and ultimately learn to trust in God’s power as he fights against the powers of evil.

May O.Customer

“We love CBS because we can get all the Bibles we need for our church, and they are very reliable at all times.”

Englade D.Customer

“Thank God for your valuable service. May God bless you.  You are doing great and keep up the good works.”

Pastor Jimmy K.Customer

“Canadian Bible Society is just like a home for me! Great Christian family, great service, I always enjoy.”

Virginia C.Customer

“I was very happy that you had the Bible I was looking for KJV large print. Thank you.”

Andy M.Customer

“Very helpful and I’m so pleased that you had this Bible audio device!”

Ana P.Customer

“I really like the My First Handy Bible.”

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