Signs of Life EPUB

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Bill McAlpine, Joel Thiessen, Keith Walker, Arch Chee Keen Wong.

Catholic, Mainline, and Conservative Protestant Congregations in Canada. 

What does it look like for a congregation to flourish? This is the book’s central question, drawing on Canadian-based social scientific research with Catholic, mainline, and conservative Protestant church leaders as well as those in the pews. The flourishing congregations construct that anchors this book deals with organizational elements (self-identity, leadership, innovation, and structure and process), internal factors (discipleship, engaged laity, hospitable community, and diversity), and outward dynamics (neighbourhood involvement, partnerships, and evangelism) in congregational life. Alongside social scientific observations and analyses, this book deals with a range of challenging theological insights and questions, plus offers numerous practical considerations and possibilities for congregations who wish to flourish. Readers will be left challenged, stimulated, encouraged, and mobilized in fresh ways for their local ministry.

262 pages


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