Nouveau Testament NFC broché

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The “Nouvelle Français courant” (NFC) is a careful revision of the popular Français courant version. This ecumenical revision was carried out by nearly sixty experts from different backgrounds. The NFC has been specially designed to be accessible, using clear, current and contemporary language. A faithful translation based on the original texts. 

Accessible – The “Nouvelle Français courant” Bible is suitable for a wide audience and does not require any prior knowledge of the Bible.

Full Bible – The “Nouvelle Français courant” is a full Bible, based on the established ancient manuscripts accepted by all.

Authentic – The “Nouvelle Français courant” seeks to convey the authentic meaning of the original languages of the Bible to today's reader.

Imprimatur: Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, April 2019.

Illustrations by Annie Vallotton, introduction to each book, chapter and section headings, fantabs, maps, wordlist.

Paperback, 10,8 x16,5 cm, 666 pages, 0.320kg


Intended Audience: General

Carton Quantity: 40 copies

Binding Type / Cover Material: Paperback

Ribbon Marker: Yes

Thumb Index: Fan Tabs

Book Dimensions:  10.8x16.5 cm

Book Introductions: Yes

Illustrations: Yes

Page Count: 672

Footnotes: Yes

Maps: Yes

Print Format: Standard Print

Language(s) of Publication: French

Version(s): Nouvelle Français Courant

Weight: 0.320 kg