Bible Intro EPUB LifeWords Series

SKU: 301021112-EPUB ISBN: 9781771240000

When someone picks up the Bible for the first time, its hundreds of pages of strange text with often peculiar expressions can seem pretty daunting – and the normal reflex to just crack the cover open and begin with chapter 1 might not be the best approach. If this is your first experience with the Bible, this short introductory tour will help you get your feet wet. It proposes 30 short readings which can each be done in about 5 minutes. They will give you a taste of the different literary styles contained in the Bible, introduce you to some of its major themes and provide a broad outline of its overall message. The Bible has quite a story to tell! A quick first tour of the Bible in 30 simple readings. 44 pages

Also available in print format.


Intended Audience: General

Binding Type / Cover Material: eBook

Language(s) of Publication: English

Page Count: 44

Version(s): Good News Translation