La Bible- Patrimoine de l'humanité

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The cultural significance of the Bible is very diverse. Sometimes it seems obvious, sometimes it is discreet. 


This work invites you to discover or rediscover this monument of cultural and religious literature in several aspects, through six chapters and numerous appendices:

 - The worlds of the Bible: the historical, geographical and cultural contexts in which biblical texts are rooted.

 - Genesis of the Bible: from the birth of the texts through their collection over time according to various logics, to the different Bibles published today.

 - The Bible in translations: working methods for translating the Bible, some difficulties that translators encounter, and the challenges of a translation: literary, updated, literal, but also secular, confessional, ecumenical...

 - The Bible in transmission: the transmission of texts through the centuries, their supports, their reliability, and the communication of this heritage to future generations.

 - A book of encounters: meeting biblical characters, and the story of their relationship with God.

 - Bible and cultures: various interactions of the Bible with world cultures particularly with art in Western culture.

 At the end of the book, there are numerous resources to go further in this discovery: glossary, bibliography, canons of different Bibles, etc.

La Bible, patrimoine de l'humanité is largely inspired by the content presented in the traveling exhibition of the French Bible Alliance, and is suitable for everyone, believers or non-believers, Bible connoisseurs or neophytes.

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