Journal of NAIITS Volume 19 - 2023 - For Institutions

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1. Adrian Jacobs. A Spiritual Covenant with Churches and First Nations

2. Te Aroha Rountree. Tangata Whenua Theology Matters!

3. Monica Friesen. What Creates Treaty People? Continuing the Conversation

4. Julene Pommert. Longing For and Belonging in Community

5. Joel Calabrese. Treaty, Etuaptmumk, and the Land: A Novel Exploration of an Archaeology
of Theology

6. Cameron Ayn Carlson. The Promised Land: The Re-a_x001F_rmation of Tribal Lands in Oklahoma

7. Mike Hogeterp. Kinship and the Two Row Covenant Chain Tradition: An Exploration of Responsibility and Hope

8. Andy Mitchell. Kinship and Relatedness Theory

9. Risaw Walis. Empsdhug, Hakaw Utux and Kana Menudus: Sediq Mother-tongue Reading
of Gen 9:9–17

10. Vince L. Bantu. Ḥegä Krestos: Warfare, Covenants, and Evangelism in Solomonic Africa

11. Kimberlee Medicine Horn Jackson. Re-Imagining Covenant: A Conceptual Vision of Indigenous Bible Study Bridging Lakota Values and Virtues to the Fruits of the Spirit

12. Spencer Miles Boersma. Unmarked Graves and the Hells We Have Made: Jeremiah and the Residential Schools


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