Journal of NAIITS Volume 18 - 2020 EPUB

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Health and well-being. Who does not want to live their life in the fullness of health and practicing ways of well-being? But what does it actually mean for Indigenous people to be healthy, to live well and to do so in the context of their spiritual lifeways? These questions guided our 2020 NAIITS symposium.

1. Martin Brokenleg, "Circles Of Courage”. p.1

2. Ji-gaabiikwe Diane Campeau, "From Soul Wounds To Soul Healing: Decolonizing Trauma Healing Practices”. p.11

3. J. Goins, "Modern Elder: A Collection of Ideas”. p.28

4. Julene Pommert & Terry LeBlanc, "Indigenous Pathways and a Community Spirituality of Wellness”. p.37

5. John McNeill, "Self, Other, Us and Them: Worldview Markers on the Trail to a Good Life”. p.63

6. Micky ScottBey Jones, "We Have What We Need: Recovering and Creating Our Healing”. p.78

7. Maryl Smith, "Birth As Healing Ceremony”. p.93

8. Kenneth Wallace Jr., "Indigenous Identity Through Chahta Hihla”. p.112

9. Wade M. Adakai, “Diné Ontology And The Problem With ‘Substance Orientation’: An Evaluation of Name, Role, and Function in Indigenous Identity and Community”. p.122

10. Cecilia Titizano, "Salvation As Cosmic Restoration: An Andean Eschatology”. p.139

11. EFC Indigenous-Settler Relations Working Group, "Stewarding Sacred Seeds". p.157


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