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Land and Place: Indigenous Perspectives in an Era of Displacement

In this volume our annual symposium presenters offer a variety of perspectives of land and place; of welcome, extended hospitality and a more generous and humble view of human connectedness and continuity in the land.

1. Ray Aldred, "The Land, Treaty, and Spirituality: Communal Identity Inclusive of Land." pp. 1-17.

2. Jason McKinney, "From Urbs Nullius to Terra Sacra: Seeking a Spiritual Commons." pp. 18-27.

3. Monica Friesen, "Redeeming Displacement: Cultural Safety in Nursing as a Christ-Motivated Ministry of Decolonization." pp. 28-49. 

4. Brooke Prentis, “Dangerous Memories in the Land We NOW Call Australia: Do the Exiles Hear the Call to Country Today?” pp. 50-66.

5. Joshua Grace, “Intergenerational Stories and the Land Itself: Decentering Christian Settler Colonial Ways of Knowing.” pp. 67-81.

6. Marilou Maisonneuve, “Being Christian and Innu: is a Reconnection with the Land Possible? A Historical and Anthropological Analysis.” pp. 82-89

7. Marilou Maisonneuve, “Être chrétien et Innu: une reconnexion avec le territoire est-elle possible? Une analyse historique et anthropologique.” pp. 90-98

8. Eric Seaberg, “A Sámi Pilgrimage: Finding a Way back to Sacred Land in the Midst of a Diaspora.” pp. 99-111.

9. Crystal Porter, “A Search to Belong: Cultural Reclamation on the Jesus Way.” pp. 112-128.

10. Keith Starkenburg, “Falling and Standing: Learning a White Theology of Land in North America.” pp. 129-143.

11. Mark Brett and Naomi Wolfe, “Land and the Responsibility to Protect Immigrants: Reflecting on Aboriginal Tradition and the Hebrew Bible."  pp. 144-153.

12. H. Daniel Zacharias, “GraceLand: The Land as Relational Gift in the Bible.” pp. 154-175.

13. Garry Worete Deverell, “Bushfires and Colonial Mismanagement of Aboriginal Lands.” pp. 176-179.


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