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Shaping Faith: How Language Informs the Journey
Richard Twiss Memorial Issue

This volume focuses on new ways to encourage non-Indigenous people to understand the good news, and to communicate it as such to Indigenous people. It also contains tributes to Richard Twiss.

1. Rynkiewich, Michael A. “Orality and Mission.” pp., 5–27.

2. Aldred, Catherine. “Rhetoric, Discourse And The Surplus Of Meaning: Innovations in First Nations Bible Translation.” pp., 29–57.

3. Heeg, Ruth. “God As Revealed In Scripture: The Translation of Abstract Nouns into Algonquian Languages.” pp., 59–72.

4. Balasundaram, Uday. “Creativity And Captivity: Developing a Framework for Exploring the Language of Musical Creativity amongst Indigenous Cosmopolitans (ICMs).” pp., 73–114.

5. Woodley, Randy. “Richard Twiss Memorial Talk.” pp., 117–19.

6. Peterson, Wendy Beauchemin. “A Tribute Honoring Richard Twiss: March 8, 2013 at Woodleys’ Home.” pp., 121–23.

7. Minniecon, Ray. “Tribute To Dr. Richard Twiss: On Behalf of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia.” pp., 125–29.

8. Jacobs, Adrain. “Richard Twiss Memorial: March 10, 2013.” pp., 131–32.


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