CEV Overcomers Bible, Workbook & Leader's Guide Set

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Overcomers is a Bible-based 12-Step Support and Recovery Program to help people who are struggling with life-controlling issues and destructive habits. Overcomers is strongly and openly focused on the God of the Bible as the “higher power” to whom we can “go boldly in our time of need”.

Overcomers Bible: The Overcomers Bible is a companion book to the Overcomers workbook. The contemporary English version of the Bible uses everyday words and phrases so that the Bible can be understandable by everyone. All verses quoted in the workbooks have page number references to this Bible so that users can find the passages easily. In addition to the description of the 12 Steps of Overcomers, this Bible contains several relevant Bible character developments and “What’s It About” pages dealing with questions asked b y many participants.

Double-column text; Chapter and section headings; Introduction to each book; References; Footnotes; Read Through the Bible in a Year, Mini Dictionary and other helps; Maps.

Paperback; 13x20 cm; 1105 pages; 0.63 kg

Workbook: This 2022 updated edition of the Overcomers Workbook, designed to be used with the Overcomers Bible, is enriched by the experience and expertise of a collaborative team of consultants.

Paperback; 242 pages; 21x28 cm; 0.6 kg

Leader's Guide: The Leaders Preparation Guide is a resource and reference for individuals who are called to lead an Overcomers group and outlines what is expected of an Overcomers Leader, in order to prepare them to support participants and be a helpful facilitator. 

Also available in a PDF downloadable version. Leader’s Guide

Paperback; 30 pages; 21x28 cm; 0.1 kg


Intended Audience: General

Binding Type / Cover Material: Paperback

Cross References: Yes

Book Dimensions: 13x20 cm

Footnotes: Yes

Section Headings: Yes

Book Introductions: Yes

Language(s) of Publication: English

Maps: Yes

Page Count: 1105

Version(s): Contemporary English Version

Weight: 1.350 kg