Caring for the Wounded Heart: Bible-Based Trauma Healing - Facilitator Guide 2022 Ed. (Canadian Edition)

SKU: 901001302 ISBN: 9781771243667

This handbook is for certified facilitators who care for hurting people using Caring for the Wounded Heart: Bible-Based Trauma Healing, the book which is the foundation of the Bible-based trauma healing ministry of the Trauma Healing Institute. This guide contains the timetables, instructions, and logistical details that facilitators need to lead healing groups.

This Canadian edition contains stories that can be effectively used in North American and global city contexts.

This book is to be used by a certified trauma healing facilitator.

Also available in ePub edition.

Paperback; 21x29.7 cm; 210 pages

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. It does not take the place of professional counseling. If you use this product, you show that you understand this.


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Book Dimensions: 21x29.7 cm

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Page Count: 210