Caring for the Wounded Heart: Bible-Based Trauma Healing - Companion Booklet PDF (Canadian Edition)

SKU: 901001304-PDF ISBN: 9781771243735

This booklet is intended for those who are in a trauma healing group using Caring for the Wounded Heart: Bible-Based Trauma Healing. It contains the references to all the Scriptures cited in the book, a print-out of all the discussion Scriptures and a few other key Scriptures, the outline of the book, and certain key points and graphics. The booklet is an economical abbreviation of the book but does not contain all the content.

After each lesson, participants can review the main points listed in this booklet and reflect on the Scripture passages. Please note that header numbering in this booklet corresponds to the section numbers in Caring for the Wounded Heart. Participants will recall that each lesson in the book begins with a story (Section 1), which is not included in this booklet.


Intended Audience: General

Language(s) of Publication: English