Journal of NAIITS Volume 9 - 2011 - For Institutions

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Ways We Know Things: Exploring Indigenous Ways of Understanding

In this issue we have several excellent presentations focusing our attention on epistemological concerns related to faith in Jesus. Catherine Aldred focuses our attention on translating scripture when a particular way of knowing intersects with the languages of thought of a people who know” differently. Gavin Renwick helps us understand the mechanisms of the academy used to encapsulate and transmit knowledge as he identifies an alternate assessment and valuation of knowledge in the practice- led approach to PhD studies. Wendy Peterson, with Cheryl Bear and Linda Martin, frame the question of knowing in the context of identity and identity formation. 


1.  Renwick, Gavin. “Decolonizing The PhD: Practice-Led Research and First Nations Ways of Knowing.” pp., 5–15.   

2.  Aldred, Catherine. “Let Me Tell You A Story: Rejuvenating Biblical Narrative through Indigenous Language Translations.” pp., 17–30.     

3. Peterson, Wendy Beauchemin, Cheryl Bear, and Linda M Martin. “Ways Of Knowing Self: Reclamation of Real Indigenous Identity.” pp., 31–57.   

4. Jacobs, Adrian. “Mitigating Missionary Autism: A Proposal for an Aboriginal Cure.” pp., 59–70.     

5.  Black, Sidney. “Greetings And Address To Theologians Gathering.” pp., 73–76.     

6.  Russell, Shari. “Spiritual Contemplation: Water.” pp., 77–79.   

7.  Martin-Paulichenko, Marc-Nicholas. “Supporting Aboriginal Identity in Youth Ministry.” pp., 81–91.


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