Journal of NAIITS Volume 7 - 2009

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Indigenous Church: Expressions of Community

In this issue we explore some of the questions related to Indigenous expressions of community. These range from church as community building in Twiss’s paper, to the impacts of globalism on form and thought from Tom and Christine Sine. Very much as we have begun to expect from Adrian Jacobs, in his paper “Church of the Sacred Clowns,” we are asked to reflect on the nature of our humanity in the church. Our desire to engage the next generation is reflected in Jeanine LeBlanc Lowe’s paper exploring Indigenous hospitality. We hear young adult Native people reflect on their conceptions of God and the church in the voices of our internationally convened youth panel led by Hannah Haiu (Maori), Matt LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq) and Michelle Nieviadomy (Cree).


1.  Sine, Tom, and Christine Sine. “Following the Jesus Way in the Shadow of the Global Mall.” pp., 5–19.   

2.  Twiss, Richard. “Community Building In A Multi-Cultural World: As Imagined through the Lens of Trinitarian Thought and Indigenous Values.” pp., 21–33.   

3.  Jacobs, Adrian. “The Church of the Sacred Clowns.” pp., 35–46.   

4.  LeBlanc, Jeanine Lowe. “Indigenous Hospitality: Gaining Wisdom and Learning Practices from Cultures That Welcome.” pp., 47–59.   

5.  LeBlanc, Matt, Hannah Haiu, and Michelle Nieviadomy. “iEMERGENCE In Conversation With Indigenous Peoples.” pp., 61–76.   

6. Desjarlais, Joe. “A Missing Conversation.” pp., 79–80.


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