God's Amazing Plan Bible

UGS :501301001 ISBN :9788772031392

God's Amazing Plan Bible follows God's plan of redemption and salvation from Genesis through Revelation and reveals how God, in His infinite goodness and unmerited mercy, made a way for his creation to be reunited with Him again for eternity. Easy to understand language; vivid illustrations; each chapter ends with a key verse emphasizing the main theme of the Bible story. Hardcover; 15x22 cm; 328 pages; 0.55 kg.


Public cible: Enfants

Reliure/matériau de couverture: Rigide

Dimensions du livre: 15x22 cm

Illustrations: Oui

Langue(s) de la publication: Anglais

Nombre de pages: 328

Page de présentation: Oui

Poids: 0.055 kg