Journal of NAIITS Volume 16 - 2018 - For Institutions

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White Supremacy, Racial Conflict, and Indigeneity Towards Right Relationship

In this, our 16th volume, we often tread on what some might consider sacred and sensitive ground; topics where a more genteel dialogue has been the norm. And, while some of what you will read herein is more gracious; other contributions are very clearly, “In your face.” We deem it necessary, however, to ensure that at some juncture we might come out the other side of these conversations as better people, living and acting out the great commandment of Jesus together in more honest and transformative ways.

1. Patricia Anne Courtenay, "Racism. The Australian Way! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!” pp. 13-21.
2. Alistair Reese, “Indigenous Generosity and a Treaty: Towards Reconciliation in Aotearoa-NZ.” pp. 22-39.
3. Damian Costello. “Black Elk’s Vision of Waníkiya: The Ghost Dance, Catholic Sacraments, and Lakota Ontology.” pp. 40-56.
4. James W. Perkinson, “Between Fish-Songs, City Sermons, and Plant Riddles: Reading the Sign of Jonas Indigenously in Settler-Colonial Detroit.” pp. 57-78.
5. H. Daniel Zacharias, “250+ Years of Baptists in Mi’kma’ki.” pp. 79-93.
6. Adrian Jacobs and Jennifer Henry, “Treaty: Medicine for Anxiety.” pp. 94-104.
7. Adam Stewart, “The Unfinished Work of Reconciliation: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Neoliberal Liability Amelioration, and Nimi Wariboko’s Pentecostal Principle.” pp. 105-119.
8. Matthew J. Milliner, “Turtle Island Renaissance.” pp. 120-141.
9. Erna Kim Hackett, “Justice from the Margins: Rejecting White Theologies of Justice and Trusting Theology from Communities of Color.” pp. 142-156.


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