Journal of NAIITS Volume 15 - 2017 - For Institutions

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UNDRIP: Right Relationships, Right Relatedness

In this, our 15th volume you will find conversations directly tied to and exploring the UNDRIP during our 14th annual symposium. These papers and the conversations that surrounded them were efforts to explore not just the content of the declaration, but what it might look like for it to be implemented and lived out in a day-to-day basis. You’ll also note in these pages that the signatories to the declaration were sometimes reluctant, even skeptical toward it. This too captures the ongoing challenge of Indigenous Peoples in the globe seeking to assert themselves as unique peoples, in unique lands, with unique histories.

1. Russell, Shari. “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada Call to Action #48 Complicity, Resignation, or Reconciliation.” pp. 1–15.

2. Goins, Stephanie. “Trafficking and Exploitation: Looking for a Way Forward.” pp. 16–28.

3. Solano Miselis, Jocabed Reina. “Narratives as Political Resistance: The Guna Experience in Panama.” pp. 29–44.

4. Bantu, Vince. “Early Christian Foundations for Indigenous Theological Self-Determination.” pp. 45–50.

5. Westwood, Frances. “Restoring an Incarnational, Trinitarian Vision of God and Humanity in a Racialized World.” pp. 51–62.

6. Begay, Donnie. “Sacred Places or Sanctuaries.” pp. 63–82.

7. Jamer Jewett, Katie. “Worshipping God Well in This Place: Imagining Restoration through Collective Collage.” pp. 83–98.

8. Spargur, JodiLynn. “Re-forming the Church: UNDRIP Prayers.” pp. 99–108.

9. Patrick, Susangeline. “Sermon – Under the Bush: Dismay and Hope.” pp. 109–113.


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