Journal of NAIITS Volume 14 - 2016 - For Institutions

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Education: Looking Behind, Seeing Ahead

This issue contains a range of responses and perspectives on the matters of Indigenous theological education. From Christine Folchs well-crafted retrospective of the impact of NAIITS as a front-runner in the field of Indigenous education, to Ray Minniecons challenge to us that we consider educations starting point by asking significant questions about its purpose, this 14th volume of the Journal of NAIITS is well packed.


1.    Folch, Christine. Reflections And Revindications: Looking to NAIITSPast for Wisdom for the Future.” pp., 7–22.

2.    Minniecon, Ray. Indigenous Theology: The Australian Experience—Where Is the Starting Point?” pp., 23–31.

3.    John, Kelsey Dayle. Re-Visiting Theological Questions for Decolonizing Education.” pp., 33–42.

4.    Nelson, Carla, Jane MacIntyre, Kirsty Kernohan, Emerson Miso, and Marcelle Sealy. Tyndales B.Ed. Program Of Teacher Preparation as a Case Study: How Do We Fit a Peoples Heartbeat into the Curriculum?’” pp., 43–58.

5.    Medicine Horn Jackson, Kimberlee. Using Logic And Reason In Native American Ministry: Building Relationship between Natives and Non-Natives.” pp., 59–67.

6.    Jancewicz, Norma Jean. Exploring The Relevance Of English Language Methodology To Naskapi L1 Teaching.” pp., 69–80.

7.    Taylor, Kyle. Looking Behind, Seeing Ahead For Bacone College: Organizational Structures, Competitive Advantage, and Blue Ocean.” pp., 81–90.

8.    Green, Marie. Crosses At The Inuksuk: Christian Voices of Protest amidst Residential School Conditions (1880-1930) and the Implications for Reconciliation within a Wider Education Framework.” pp., 91–105.

9.    Sisler, Gordon. Paddle And Paper: Personal Reflections on the 13th NAIITS Symposium, 2016.” pp., 107–21.


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