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Each month, we will share true stories about how lives were transformed through God’s Word.

This week we will focus on Our Obstacles. 


"Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”

Proverbs 16:3 ESV

God truly transformed Daniel's life. This is his story... 

The habit of relying only on myself when facing obstacles had made me a very insecure person in the past. I always questioned myself when things didn’t go as planned. Until I became a Christian, I learned that seeking God’s will and being patient is the key in any circumstance.

In 2016, I discovered my passion for graphic design during my last year in university, while studying business management. However, I was not able to land a first job as a designer despite hundreds of job applications. This was mainly due to my academic background and my lack of professional training in art and design.

In 2019, I finally got accepted into an art school as a full-time student. Although I was very excited, it was still a tough decision since I had to quit my job in order to take this chance. In that same year, I became a Christian and started to follow Christ. Everything seemed to go as planned until Covid-19 broke out in early 2020, where both education and employment systems were urgently forced into many changes and challenges. During the first few days in the pandemic lockdown, I wondered if quitting my job for school had been the right decision. However, praying and reading the Bible really helped me to stay calm despite all the uncertainty during that period of time. There were many times where I prayed to God, “Please lead me to a place which is in your will. Please prepare me so that I can be your servant, to serve with all the gifts that you have blessed me with… “

In 2021, five months after I completed my education, I was hired by the Canadian Bible Society as a graphic designer. For me, it wasn’t only a blessing; it was also a powerful lesson taught by God: When we commit to him faithfully, our plans will be established through his guidance.

 Daniel C.


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“And now, my daughter, fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requirest: for all the city of my people doth know that thou art a virtuous woman."

Ruth 3:11 KJV

God truly transformed Sarala's life. This is her story...

Years ago, I witnessed the Bible come alive in my life. It was the day the impossible was made possible.

I was in the final year at University in India. With only three weeks until my Physical Chemistry final examination, I was struggling with the notes given by my professor. I rummaged through it, turning the pages frantically, only to find the concepts unclear and vague. One morning, I was at my wits end and I took my burden to the Lord and asked Him to intervene. From an old Scriptural wall calendar in my home, God spoke to me. “Fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requirest.” Ruth 3:11 KJV. A strange peace washed over me as my eyes went over the verse again and again. I was filled with the assurance that God was answering my prayer. But how? Very soon, a friend visited me. When I shared my problem with her, she said she had a friend who had done the same course in another University the previous year. Next day, she returned with a small notebook. I went through the notes and by an act of wonder and mystery, the concepts became crystal clear. I topped the class that year, and believe that the notes that had made sense to me matched the test questions perfectly.

When there seems to be no way, God has a way. Where we see problems and obstacles, He sees solutions. Glory to God!

 Sarala R.