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The faculty in Canadian Bible Schools and Seminaries have been doing a lot of thinking about the place of the mission of God and the message of His Kingdom in Canada today. Tyndale Academic Press is a collaboration between the Canadian Bible Society and Tyndale University providing a significant platform for Canadian Christian writers and researchers who combine academic enquiry, social research and an action orientation to share their wisdom with Christian leaders and others who are working in the frontlines of Christian ministry – the church in Canada – so that it could be more effective in the ministry to which God has called it. Tyndale Academic Press publications are meant to provide a Canadian voice and perspective in the conversations on mission in Canada and globally. – R.D.


Beyond Hospitality: Migration, Multiculturalism and the Church

Hospitality is a much-misused term. Because a congregation is being hospitable it does not mean that its members welcome and integrate immigrants and visible minorities into their community. This book explores how a church can engage immigrants so that they become part of a growing and vibrant congregation. 

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Digital Mission: A Practical Guide for Ministry Online

The pandemic has forced all churches in Canada to explore different ways of worship and to form faith communities digitally. This timely resource provides a theological perspective on digital ministry and strategies to implement online ministries. It explores the possible impact of technology on the church. 


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Forming Christian Communities in a Secular Age: Recovering Humility & Hope

This is an intriguing story of a church and its pastor trying to find relevance. It’s an example of the reality of the mission of God in urban Vancouver. It struggles with the issues of evangelism with seeking justice, prophetic action with works of mercy, personal conversion with the pursuit of systemic change, institutional development with grass-roots organizational leadership, formation and discipleship with deeper cultural engagement. A must-read for any church and its leadership that wants to have a holistic impact for the Kingdom of God. 

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Now, How Shall We Be?: This Cultural Moment and Our Christian Response 

This book surveys the major features of the church’s contemporary context. It then explores the various postures that Christians, both individually and collectively, should adopt if we are to live well in this context. 

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Mission Amid Global Crises
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The past decades have pushed the world into increasingly complex crises that have deeply impacted the mission of the church. This book provides a Canadian perspective on understanding the mission of the church in a time of multiple crises that impact our nation and the world.  

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From the Margins to the Centre - The Diaspora Effect

Diaspora communities in the West are now an irreversible reality. The diaspora is a missiological disrupter as it has brought the world to our doorstep at a time when western driven global missions are retreating. How do we engage with these communities through the lens of the Kingdom of God? 


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Signs of Life: Catholic, Mainline, and Conservative
Protestant Congregations in Canada 

The pandemic has only hastened the process of churches in Canada losing their vitality. What does it look like for a congregation to flourish? This book looks at organizational elements, internal factors, and outward dynamics that influence the health of a church. 

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