Dieu m'aime: Messages de la Bible 

Description Dieu m'aime: Messages de la Bible 
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Bible stories that tell of God's amazing love for us. Through 18 popular Bible stories, «Dieu m'aime» unpacks the fact that we are loved by God. Each Bible story is backed by well-known Bible verses emphasizing the truth in each story.  Together with the heart-warming illustrations, these stories will give children a firm understanding of the message of the Bible, so they can confidently say «Dieu m'aime» and know why too! For ages 3-5, attractive board book, carrying handle, 16x18 cm, 39 pages, 0.505 kg

I. Physical Features
a. Carton Quantity 24 copies
b. Weight 0.505 kg
c. Book Dimensions 16x18 cm
d. Binding Type / Cover Material Board Book
i. Number of Pages 39
II. Content Features
a. Language(s) of Publication French
d. Intended Audience Children
e. Presentation Pages Yes
o. Illustrations Yes